Hydrautug 400 attached to nosewheel


Harnessing the smooth reliability
of hydraulic transmission
for aircraft ground movement tugs
400 attached to executive jet nose wheel

Manoeuvring and precision parking have never been easier

Old technology has been stripped away and replaced with hydraulic strength and reliability to produce an elegantly designed aircraft tug

  • No chains
  • No reductions gears
  • No clutch
  • No axle attachments
  • In fact, hardly any moving parts

HydrauTug 200, 400 and 600RO

Models for aircraft weights up to 5600kg, 11300kg and 45400kg and options including GPU (ground power unit) and twin aircraft nose wheels.

Custom construction

If you want to combine HydrauTug's innovative design and capability with your own specific requirements for an aircraft tug, we will build it for you. At HydrauTug we have the manufacturing flexibility to incorporate clients' individual needs.


400 with nose wheel close up
400 viewed head-on
400 Ground Power Unit
HydrauTug 600RO