HydrauTug 400 with executive jet

HydrauTug 400

Ground handling up to mid range private jets
hydrauTug 400 in front of King Air
Fluid motion for a wide range of aircraft types

Coping readily with anything from single engined piston and turboprop aircraft to executive twin jet, the HydrauTug's versatile lifting bucket and hydraulic-motor driven wheels give smooth total control over your aircraft movement.

Wheel strapped into bucket
Easy as 1-2-3

Simply... ease the HydrauTug's steel bucket under the aircraft's nose wheel. Then attach the reinforced nylon belt around the oleo.

Bucket lifts the nose wheel

Simply... touch the lever and up comes the nose wheel clear of the ground. The belt tightens automatically to ensure the aircraft stays put. No metal to metal contact whatsoever, so no scratched paint or potential damage.

Simple hand control levers

Simply... select 'backwards' or 'forwards' at the handbar and go! Adjust speed as required. Automatic braking with power-off.

To handle heavier aircraft a twin wheel bucket option is available. In this model a hydraulic winch draws the nosewheel into the bucket before being retained by the nylon strap.

400_batterybox.jpg - 6Kb
GPU (Ground Power Unit) option

Heavy duty batteries provide the initial current demand for engine starting and are continually charging via the alternator while the HydrauTug is in use.

HydrauTugs are capable of being modified to suit customers' specific requirements